Sachkia Barnes

Hi! I’m Sachkia. I know a little bit of this, a little bit of that and a lot about PR and entrepreneurship.

Most individuals and organisations know they have something to say, but knowing how to say it…that’s where I come in. With proven public relations skills mixed with captivating and novel solutions, I help clients say what they mean and be heard by the people who matter most. My public relations philosophy isn’t about gimmicks or quick tricks. It’s not even about a few likes, grabs, pins, or retweets. I focus on listening to your audience, strategically communicating your message and building relationships that equal results.

From my own experience, I know oh so well about the highs and lows of going at it on your own, being passionate about an idea and bringing that idea to life. I believe in entrepreneurship and its transformative power to help every day individuals change their circumstances and their communities. That’s why I want to help you understand your product, your value and bring your idea to life.

Let’s work together fueled on passion and purpose!