We all have different styles of managing our tasks. And most of us, undeniably multitask. When working in a PR agency, executives are constantly dealing with clients and their business needs. This may be more or less your typical day as a PR professional: you’re writing a press release for one client, answering a phone call for another, and then preparing for a meeting all at once. There are other instances when a habit of multitasking arises. Students are handling various tasks from their class assignments to job hunting and getting interviews. In these situations, prioritization and time management are just some of the skills that you should practice diligently and professionally. And in public relations, I can say that effective planning and time management can either make or break you.

Guess what, studies show some nice-to-know facts of multitasking:

Infographics on Multitasking

Sometimes multitasking is inevitable. In our everyday routine, we are “doing it all” for the sake of beating the deadline at work, to avoid boredom in certain situations, or to divert one’s attention in focusing on problems.

What are your thoughts on multitasking? Does it make you more productive or is it addictively destructive?