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I'm a PR Politico who has spent the last ten years teaching politicians and business people how to use their voice to achieve their goals. Now, after many highs and lows of owning a boutique PR agency, I am taking time to find my voice and purposefully slow down and live a more simple and sustainable life. 

It's me, Sachkia.


A long story short


In 2019 I became a mom for the first time to an amazing and incredibly lovable baby boy. I'm also a wife to the most zen and smartest vegan you will find.⁠ While I dream about becoming a real homesteader, on my blog you will find tidbits of life in the Virgin Islands, living in a treehouse and our attempts as a family toward slow, simple and sustainable living.




In 2009, I stepped out on my own and started my agency, Barnes PR, where we provide a range of communications services to clients in real estate, tourism and hospitality, financial services and public administration.  For the past 10 years, I've worked on projects that have significantly impacted my community. A lot of that work was focused on public policy in education, youth affairs and culture. A few of my favorite projects included the establishment of the Virgin Islands Youth Policy, youth employment services, a grant for youth showing exceptional promise in athletics, arts and academics, and supportive partnerships for our differently abled community.  

Following the worst hurricane in the history of the Virgin Islands, 2017’s Hurricane Irma, I served as the Communications Director for the Premier of the Territory of the Virgin Islands as we started a complete rebuild. I've run two successful political campaigns and in 2019 served as the Campaign Manager for a national election. 

My company also does a tremendous amount of work in our community with the establishment of Global Entrepreneurship Week VI - which is an opportunity to celebrate and promote entrepreneurship and the Rita Frett Georges Tea, a fundraising event, honoring women in the Territory.

And all of that, is exactly why I’m now embracing slow living. 



For a very long time I relished in the reality that me and my personality thrived in fast and high stakes arenas. With that ultimately comes a lot of busyness, stress and anxiety. 

After living through a natural disaster in 2017, I sought to live a life that was more in harmony with the earth.  I began to question some of my habits and attitudes towards all of the things I had acquired and the fast pace in which everything around me seemed to be moving.

I Marie Kondoed my home and started really realizing how my personal choices affected the earth and how deeply I wanted to be realigned. So I endeavored to go slow. 

Why Slow Living?

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