Fun Facts About me

I Studied Mass Communication/Broadcasting

I played trombone and marched with the Spartan Legion Band. To say that I love NSU would be an understatement. My four years at that institution made me who I am today and I am eternally grateful. I'm an advocate for HBCUs and also a lifetime member of NSU's Alumni Association. 

I ATTENDED Norfolk State University on an academic & music scholarship.


While in Political PR

In 2015 I ran my second political campaign. My client received the highest votes, ever, in the history of elections in the Virgin Islands.  That record still stands.

5777 I a historic number for me and the Virgin Islands.



When I'm travelling to the States, my mother and sister will prepare a meal in advance so that I can have the leftovers. My baby brother reminds them to buy watermelon for me! I'm kind of spoiled in that way. 

I love leftovers and watermelon. PERIOD(T)


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Behind the Scenes

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