I'm a PR Politico who has spent the last ten years teaching politicians and business people how to use their voice to achieve their goals.  Now, after many highs and lows of owning a boutique PR agency, i am taking time to find my voice and purposefully slow down and live a more simple and sustainable life. 

I'm Sachkia
(pronounced Sas-Key-Ah)

Hey there

Slow living is a philosophy of life that encourages a purposeful and fulfilling approach to every day living. Encouraging you to slow down, reflect and seek to be in harmony with oneself, the people around you, and essentially, the earth.

Slow living is understanding that everything has a purpose, everything is not disposable and should be thoughtfully and intentionally used.  Slow living helps you cultivate a life filled with intimate moments and value, and wards off the tendency to be loud, busy and unfulfilled.

Join me on a mission...
to slow down

Slow Living

Fun Facts About me

I Studied Mass Communication/Broadcasting

I played trombone and marched with the Spartan Legion Band. To say that I love NSU would be an understatement. My four years at that institution made me who I am today and I am eternally grateful. I'm an advocate for HBCUs and also a lifetime member of NSU's Alumni Association. 

I ATTENDED Norfolk State University on an academic & music scholarship.


While in Political PR

In 2015 I ran my second political campaign. My client received the highest votes, ever, in the history of elections in the Virgin Islands.  That record still stands.

5777 I a historic number for me and the Virgin Islands.



When I'm travelling to the States, my mother and sister will prepare a meal in advance so that I can have the leftovers. My baby brother reminds them to buy watermelon for me! I'm kind of spoiled in that way. 

I love leftovers and watermelon. PERIOD(T)


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