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I'm Sachkia, a former PR politico, a wife and first-time mommy.

On this blog you will find me writing about slow and sustainable living for entrepreneurial women juggling the desire to slow down and build a responsible and successful business and life.  

I am also the founder of WKND Mood, a sustainable loungewear brand, encouraging you to enjoy leisurely living, every day. 

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5 Mantras for Managing Entrepreneurship + Motherhood


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In my four decades on this earth, I’ve spent the large majority of this time gainfully employed as an entrepreneur, successfully managing clients and running from the idea of clocking in anywhere. As a mom, ironically, I have two little bosses who are more demanding than any office or client I’ve ever experienced. This has led me to this singular conclusion – entrepreneurship plus motherhood isn’t for the weak. That’s why I’m using these five mantras for managing entrepreneurship and motherhood.

Being an entrepreneur is a unique and rewarding journey that many mothers embark upon to give them the time and space to be present for their children. Entrepreneurship also provides the flexibility to live life on your own terms. Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood while pursuing our entrepreneurial dreams is not without its challenges. However, it’s an empowering journey that can lead to tremendous growth and fulfillment.

After a decade of managing my own PR agency, In 2020, and as my son was about to turn one, I started the lifestyle brand, WKND Mood. It is a space to encourage us to maintain the rejuvenating slowness we all experienced during the pandemic and to explore living a leisurely life, every day.

Here’s a moment of honesty from me; I wish I could translate some of the ideas I have for WKND Mood much faster than I am presently doing. I feel the pressure to add items to the store to have “things”. But that’s against my value of only inviting the most meaningful things into our homes and not adding too quickly to what will eventually be, more garbage on the planet.

I have a clear vision of what I want to achieve. However, I am also in a season of life with two littles, and I could have never imagined how wonky this season is for so many parents. Why didn’t anyone warn me? Between the regular growing hiccups, cooties, days out of childcare, and children being children, this mompreneur gets exhausted!

I know that with patience and persistence, I will be able to bring the WKND in my head to your screens and to your homes. Today, I want to share with you five mantras for managing entrepreneurship and motherhood. These are my guiding light during this season of life, and I hope they inspire you too.

Mantra 1: Embrace Imperfection

As moms, we often set high standards for ourselves, striving for perfection in every aspect of our lives. But when balancing entrepreneurship and, more so, motherhood, it’s essential to recognize that perfection is a myth. We are juggling two demanding roles, and sometimes things won’t go as planned. That’s okay. Embrace imperfection and understand that it’s all part of the journey. Your children won’t remember if the house was spotless, but they will remember the moments you spent with them. Imperfection is a beautiful reminder that we are doing our best, and that is enough.

Mantra 2: Prioritize Self-Care

Amidst the chaos of managing a business and caring for your little ones, it’s easy to forget about yourself. Remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Self-care is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Make time for yourself, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Whether it’s practicing mindfulness, going for a walk, or enjoying a quiet cup of tea, prioritize self-care. By taking care of your well-being, you’ll be better equipped to handle the challenges of mom life and entrepreneur life. For me, this means taking my vitamins, managing my mental health, and exercising, which has really helped me to be physically stronger and given me some much-needed alone time to literally throw a bit of stress away.

Mantra 3: Build a Support System

One of the most significant challenges I felt as an entrepreneur and even more so now as a mom is feeling isolated. It’s essential to build a support system of like-minded individuals who can relate to your journey. Reach out to others, join online communities, and seek guidance and encouragement. Your support system can include family, friends, or mentors who understand your unique challenges. Connecting with others who share your experiences can be a source of empathy, hope, and solutions to the challenges you encounter.

Slow Living work

Mantra 4: Develop Time Management and Organization Skills

Time management is a skill that every entrepreneur that is also a mom must strive to master. Creating a schedule and staying organized can help you make the most of your time. Identify your most productive hours and use them for work. Designate specific times for family and self-care. By creating a structured routine, you can maximize your productivity and ensure that you have quality time for your family, which is essential to maintaining some form of balance. Consider outsourcing tasks that can be delegated, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your business. You cannot do it all. Your best chance for success is understanding the time that you have, maximizing that time, and getting the right assistance when and where needed. That’s in your your business and at home.

Mantra 5: Celebrate Small Wins

The process of turning these ideas into reality requires dogged consistency. In the hustle of everyday life, it’s easy to overlook the small victories. But it is crucial to celebrate your achievements, no matter how minor they may seem. Whether it’s successfully launching a new product, balancing a demanding day with your little ones, or even just staying committed to your dreams, these are all reasons to celebrate. Recognizing and acknowledging your accomplishments will provide you with the hope and motivation to keep pushing forward. Sometimes, I feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done. But I remind myself that every step forward, no matter how small, is progress. So last week that looked like finally resolving the new packaging, new logo, and scheduling time to finalize the new site this week.

In Conclusion

The path of entrepreneurship coupled with motherhood is undoubtedly challenging, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. By embracing these five mantras, you can find empathy, hope, and, prayerfully, a few solutions to the challenges you face. Remember, you are not alone on this journey, and there is a community of strong, determined mothers who understand your struggles. Keep embracing imperfection, prioritizing self-care, building your support system, mastering time management, and celebrating your small wins. Your journey as a mom and entrepreneur is a testament to your strength and resilience. Keep going, and you will achieve the balance and success you desire.




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  1. Shellecia says:

    Thanks for sharing Sachkia. I can definitely relate. Sometimes we can feel pulled in two different directions for sure. I am learning and finding a rhythm on many days but for others it is all still so unpredictable:). I wouldn’t change any of the beautiful and learning moments which come from holding both roles. These are beautiful mantras for any person in this space.

    • You’re absolutely right and I appreciate your kind words! Finding that rhythm can be a challenge, but it’s those unpredictable moments that make the journey so uniquely beautiful (read cancel your entire week’s plans because someone brought home pink eye!).

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