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The Role of PR in Helping Business Grow


30-under-30-flatlay_3We are all aware that public relations can drive sales in an integrated campaign. It has been a challenge for fearless PR professionals. Not to mention that everyone went looking for a PR partner or firm with that kind of viewpoint.

Have you found a PR firm that can intelligently mix public relations to business objectives including sales and lead generation?

You should look for a PR firm that carefully considers sales and marketing data in order to measure the success of each aspect of the campaign. They should deliberately monitor the performance and know what aspect needs improvement. The data must be analyzed historically. This will in turn, enable you to adjust the future strategies.

When working with your clients, you should keep in mind that useful, concrete results meant everything and building brand awareness is one of the building blocks of an integrated campaign. Take note: Brand awareness is just the beginning.

Moving forward, I mentioned about lead generation and sales. In evaluating prospective PR professionals, you must be ready to ask if they can contribute to those elements. Bottom line: Retention metrics & growth are part of PR.

And when I say integrated campaign, I’m talking about effective PR and marketing strategies. Having this kind of campaign, PR objectives should be parallel with marketing goals, that is, sales and lead generation along with brand awareness, conversion, thought leadership, and website traffic.

So how can you evaluate PR success considering those objectives? I bet you know the answer – by tracking the reports and measuring key performance indicators. Those impressions must again, show how public relations facilitate in meeting the client’s business goals.

Are you developing and executing online marketing campaigns today? I hope you will completely integrate PR and never underestimate its power in influencing businesses.




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