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I am also the founder of WKND Mood, a sustainable loungewear brand, encouraging you to enjoy leisurely living, every day. 

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Christmas Holiday 2020


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Wherever you are in the world, I’m quite sure it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Whether you are young or not so young, Christian or not, who can deny that the Christmas holiday truly is a special time of year?

Thanks to COVID, Christmas 2020 has been long-awaited for many. In my community, the Christmas decorations in stores started going up in early October. Needless to say, most people are over 2020 and are looking forward to the holidays unlike any year before with hopes of ushering in a brighter, less socially distant 2021.

But here’s the thing. For me, Christmas is a tricky time of the year, COVID or no COVID …for a lot of reasons.

I’ve fluctuated between a love-hate relationship with this season. I love it because I love people gathering and making memories. I have fond memories of Christmases during my childhood. As an entrepreneur – planning client parties and gift bags were highlights of the year. In my downtime, I had a good run of Caribbean Christmas festivals and even a few years, when I had a quiet solo Christmas holiday. It is indeed the most magical time of year.

When I had tons of time and endless energy, once the Halloween celebrations were over, it was fair game to put on the Christmas holiday music. And while my older sister switched on Maria Carey as her voice of choice for the season, I’m a sucker for Michael Jackson at any age. For us, this meant the season was on.

What I’m doing different this year Christmas Holiday

Age brings a bit of responsibility and wisdom. And even Christmas is affected by this. I now struggle with the Christmas holidays because my lifestyle has changed significantly, and this holiday, in particular, can be one of excess, which is contrary to my current season in life.

Christmas Holiday

I’m not going to add my voice to the chorus singing about Christmas’s commercialization, but I will simply say I cherish time with family and friends over items I may or may not like. Over the past two years, I have downsized and decluttered in all areas of my life. With this, the opportunity to make more conscious decisions on how I’m spending and what I’m spending money on continues to be a learning process.

As I’m actively trying to curate the things in my space and how I show up for the people in my life, it’s been a bit stressful, getting people on board over the years with how I choose to celebrate this holiday. And now, with a child, the struggle is very real! But I’m determined.

This year I worked on being mindful ahead of the rush. I selected the things and occasions important to me – family photos, being intentional about our traditions, decluttering and prepping home, and work for a new year.

So far, so good, family photos this weekend, started decluttering in October, and we will be bringing out our kinara for Kwanzaa. It has been wonderful reimagining this Christmas holiday; COVID affected and all.

This year has also been my first year as a product-based business owner with my October launch of WKND Mood. I’ll be honest and the first to say that I’m learning something new each day, and it’s a steady mind game to try not to do all the things.

One of those things I opted out of this year was Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. Most consumers have no idea the share wizardry and the NASA-like strategy required for a successful and not stressful Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I did enjoy preparing for 2021 by purchasing a few items on Small Business Saturday.

WKND Mood sales, of course, would be fabulous, but like many things in my life right now, I chose to go a bit slower, simplify what I was doing and find more sustainable solutions. Next year, when the brand is officially a year old, I will be in the mix, but for right now, I have no deals or significant discount, just as an ask to support other small brands and me this holiday season.

However you are choosing to celebrate the season and use your time, I’d love to hear. Leave a comment and let me know.




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