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On this blog you will find me writing about slow and sustainable living for entrepreneurial women juggling the desire to slow down and build a responsible and successful business and life.  

I am also the founder of WKND Mood, a sustainable loungewear brand, encouraging you to enjoy leisurely living, every day. 

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My Thoughts On 2020


Thoughts on 2020
In many ways, 2020 has been a much needed gift to me.
I wanted to pop in to share my thoughts on 2020 and remind you that we have 30 days left in the year.  Thirty days might not be a lot of time for some, but to others, that might be a hell of a lot of time to achieve some goals.   

Let me be clear, while understandably, some people are ready to close the books on 2020; the year has not at all been a shit show for me. I’ve had many personal and professional disappointments, but no, I can’t say that I hated 2020.

In the midst of a pandemic, I launched a new company, celebrating my son’s first birthday, got closer to loved ones, and experienced a few setbacks and disappointments that I can only say, have been quite the learning experience.

I know and understand that life changes happened during a global pandemic for countless others. Some of those changes have brought joy in a time of solitude, and some of those changes have left our friends and families with insurmountable grief.  

Many experienced the full range of human emotions all in one year. But here is something that I believe: once we have the gift of another breath and another day, we can overcome and experience joy once more.

When I consider all that my family has gone through this year, I simply have gratitude in my heart for the opportunity to see and go at it another day. For the coming year, I look forward to expressing more gratitude and hopefully the chance to see and actually touch more people.

Without getting overly in my feelings, these are my thoughts on 2020. I would love to hear about your 2020. Feel free to hit reply and share.  Until then, be well, friend.




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